Giving GOD Vibes Only.

Another year is finally here, and you know what that means. It's a beautiful time to rebuild.
As we revamp for ourTrinity year, there will be giveaways, specials, and so much to remind you of your  Magic.
Happy You Year.
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"..the Tribe that Subscribes to the Highest of Vibes..."

      "Welcome back Tribe. Its been awhile hasn't it? Year just began, and so much has already happened. And still, so much to look forward to. SO Much work to Do. 2020 tried to BREAK us Yall. Sending love to everyone who was affected, or couldn't see the new year.

Thanking GOD, to survive each night, and see another Sunrise is a Blessing we take for granted. 2020 was a reminder. to Live In Your Purpose. On Purpose. 2020 TRIED it. But Look How Far You Have Come. Despite.

And thru it All,

We are Here to Remind You.


To Bloom.

A reminder, a Mantra, A Mission.

To Stay Grounded in All You Do.

 Educate. Absorb. Align. Inspire.

Plant Seeds Where You Can,

Have Faith, that They Too, will Soon See The Light.

Perspective, is the difference between being buried...and being planted.


We, are Rooting, for You."

-The Art Is.

What A Time, to Re-Align.

There are Magical Art pieces + Intentional clothing, created to remind you of your Highest potential. 

Healing, thru the Arts.

...because we thought it about time, that Someone made it a Point, to bring all OUR wisdom, magic, and Art,

back to Us.


What's Your Vision?

You ever wanted to throw a ladies night, but needed some fun themes? Tired of the same parties and just want something new? Birthday coming up, need some ideas? New business, just don't know where to begin?   

Ask us Where To:

Find the Gold.

Did we recently host an event for you? Paint you a portrait? Ship you a God-Iss tee? Want to connect or collaborate?  We wanna hear from you!


Feedback is how we improve. We can gas ourselves up all day  but it matters most, when the love comes from you.
Starry Sky


— T. Rachel, Client and  Supporter

"Still wear the t-shirt I got about a year ago, til this day. Its so soft! I wear it around the house. Doing yoga, the market! lol Literally my favorite go-to tee." 

Any More Questions?

"God Is

Within Her;

She Will Not Fail."