There's A Storm Brewing...


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But If You Stay Ready, You Ain't Gotta Get It.
To Be Conscious of Our Current Crisis:
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Until We Are ALL Back At Work.

"..the Tribe that Subscribes to the Highest of Vibes..."

      "Welcome back Tribe. Its been a looooooooong year hasn't it? But Look How Far You Have Come. And How Much You Have to Go.


Our Favorite Season is Here. The Bloom.

A reminder, a Mantra, A Mission.

To Stay Grounded in All You Do.

Teach. Educate. Inspire.

Plant Seeds Where You Can,

Have Faith, that They Too, will Soon See The Light.

Perspective, is the difference between being buried...and being planted.


We, are Rooting, for You."

-The Art Is.

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Select t-shirts are now only $10.00, with a new design discounted each week.

This is when we all need each other most!

So this special is just for you.

What A Time, to Re-Align.

There are Magical Art pieces + Intentional clothing, created to remind you of your Highest potential. Use the Code: JUSTUS + recieve an additional 30% off your order! 

Prints And Art
Now Avaliable!

Your Favorite Artwork Now Available In Travel or Canvas Size. Whether you were looking for one of your favorite pieces, or wanted our help to create your own, we do it ALL. Make Custom orders right in our Art Shop.

Image by Sean Pollock

Are You Ready?

There Are so many ways to begin, but the most important of all your moves, is how you start. With our different packages, we tackle your brand needs,  creative and otherwise, by utilizing every resource, and Artist, at our disposal. 

Allow us, to lay the foundation, and instill the motivation you need to finally start that business you keep dreaming about. 

What's Your Vision?

You ever wanted to throw a ladies night, but needed some fun themes? Tired of the same parties and just want something new? Birthday coming up, and you need a location? Just have an idea and just don't know where to begin?   

From Nothing
To Some Thing.

As a Creative Agency, we take our vision, just as seriously, as we do yours. There's a brief insight of events we host and plenty of ideas to choose from! 

Image by Jared Rice
Good Vibe Me, Please.

There is a weekend, of girl-tribing, soul thriving, and bomb lighting in your future. But the Choice is Yours.


 Join Us, for a rejuvenation session in self Awareness, Sacrifice, and Love.


 Its the time, to Re-Align.

Because Self-Care, is Essential.

Just to give you something to jumpstart your new year, to end your 2020 off right, and to finally step into your light. We are partnering with our Holistic tribe to host our very first Self-Care Retreat!

                 God Iss Enterprises, is a Creative Arts Agency filled with Creatives from
all over the Metropolitan area. Based in Washington, D.C., we  have formed a solid network of artists, caterers, business owners, investors, and supporters, who believe in the power art has to connect different backgrounds to heal. We Are Prepared to execute your vision, showcase your brand, monetize your interactions, bring your business to life.
We can't wait, to Manifest, with you.  


Feedback is how we improve. We can gas ourselves up all day  but it matters most, when the love comes from you.
Image by Daniel Páscoa


— T. Rachel, Client

"Still wear the t-shirt I got about a year ago, til this day. Its so soft! I wear it around the house. Doing yoga, the market! lol Literally my favorite go-to tee."