The            Is.


     The Art Is, a native to the Metropolitan area, spent her entire childhood in the Arts. Living just steps away from the Baltimore Harbor, and all its Art museums as a child, to the close proximity Washington, DC keeps all its Arts, a love of the Culture was second nature to her. With her heart set on Peforming Arts School, admiring Jada Pinkett, and 2pac Shakur, local acts that had made it out of the neighborhood with a dollar and their dreams. Creating her own short stories, paintings, magazines, and scripts became her favorite past-time. However, growing up with a Single mother, with English as a 2nd language, money didn't come easy.


 Having a foot in the Americas, her heart and family in the Motherlands, naturally her mind became obsessed with Black Power, and how "we lost it." She tied up her mind, and free time into the Diaspora, Black Activism, "Conspiracies" and Politics before she ever truly understood how it would effect her environment. Losing friends, family, idols, and loved ones to incarceration, the drug epidemic, homicides, and overdoses, she realized something else had to be done. The community. Our family, were in need of healing. But a new type of Healing. A True Healing. That Started and Ended, Within.

That Dealt Strictly From The Arts.

That Came Directly from the Heart. 


 "Every time I've had the pleasure to meet God. To See God. To Speak To God. To Be Felt By, Helped By God. Seen, by God. She was. She Is. Black."

   "God Iss Ent. Was Born On A seemingly Ordinary Day. The Sun Rose Accordingly. Birds Were Out Chirping. But the world was in chaos. The air felt, different. Trayvon Martin, a baby, still a teenage boy, was gunned down in his fathers neighborhood, and suddenly, it seemed to be an open season on Brown folks. It seemed like we had come so far only to be forced back.

      I remember watching my brothers, my sisters, die in front of our eyes, at the hands of the police, and I remember each time I spoke about, heard, to even witnesses another murder,

I couldn't breathe. 

    The Art Is, it came, in Realizing, There is a time for everything, under the Sun. Including, the Revolution. In Re-Organizing. In Surviving. The only thing that had ever felt natural to me was the only thing we could do. We Had to Heal. And because nothing ever truly satisfied me, until I put my brush on a canvas, I knew the answer; it Was, has Always Been,

Will All Ways Be.. Art. 


      Art had created A Haven, unlike any I have ever known. Forged Families I would Have Never Met. I've learned Love I've never felt.


        To Create, is to Be In the Presence, In the Purest Image of God. To Be Able to Create A Heaven On Earth, in the Midst of Our Struggle, is what Our Purpose Is. All We Can Do, All Of US, Have the Ability To Reach, Compete At,  Remain At, Our Highest.  

You Got This, and God Got Us. So We Got This.

I Am Rooting For You. 


"Keep In Mind, I Am.

Because Sis.

Because God.

(Because) The Art Is."