God Iss Enterprises

Your Mission..?

...Should You Choose to Accept..

...is to Change the World.

Who We Are.

    God Iss Enterprises is Compiled of A Creative Collective Of Women united in a Culture of Color who simply choose to subscribe, to the Purest of Intentions, with the Highest Of Vibes. 

   Within our Individual Brands, we have, and continue, to form a Solid network of Artists and Distributors in the District, Prepared to Execute Your Vision Exactly As You have Dreamed It. Always. In All Ways.

A One Stop Shop To Get Your Magic on.

We Host Events to Give You A Place to be Apart of All the Magic. We Create Events With You To Fine Tune Your Own Magic. And We Use Our Power Only to Remind You Of Your Own. We believe All of Us Are Destined To Make It. Let Us Show You

How To

Make It


We are waiting to Inspire and Be Inspired by You

And as always, in All Ways

We Are Rooting for You.

In Short. 

We Were Sent from the YoniVerse To Save The World.

(And We Plan To Save The Hood First.)

What We Do.

           We Create, Cultivate + Curate Your Vision Into Existence. We believe in the Power of Manifestation, A Solid Team, and Faith. With our clients, we become an integral supporter, mover, and shaker of your brand, allowing it and you to reach your Highest Potential. We Are Because God Is. We Are Serious About this Clique. 


   Ask about our Marketing, Advertising, Birthday Or Event Packages. We do it All! They are set up to work within your budget and thru your vision. You simply fill out our Client questionnaire, complete your consultation, and we take care of the rest. We Are here to Help You Manifest Past What You Alone are Capable of, and help you realize what becomes when the Village works Together to make sure We All Make It.



Our Services Include a Three Tiered Course, To Renew The Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.

They Include, but are not limited to; 


+Visual and Performance Arts

+Hair and Beauty Necessities

+Fashion Design and Styling

+Brand Identity, Strategy and Design

+Event Planning and Procedure

+Marketing and Promotions

+Catering and Beverage Services 

Why Do We Do It.

   We believe in Healing thru the Arts, and Creating spaces, pieces and healthy dialogue to tackle different issues that plague( and destroy) the black and brown communities. 

    We believe that start-up brands need and deserve support throughout infancy, and a larger network thru your level up. 

We Believe as an individual, there are several heights you would like to reach, and with the right community and opportunity, as well as training and preparation, that you can achieve your greatness.

You Deserve the Highest of Vibes.


Allow us to put the pieces together for you.

And show you where we placed them so you may lay them, teach you to replicate them,

so we all may build up what was once destroyed. With the stones that the builder refused.

With Hope and Truth.

We Move.

We Rise.

Again, and again. And Again.

Because Sis, 

God Is.

You Ready To Make Magic With Us?

"..Let All That You Do, Be Done In Love.."

1Corinthians 16:14

Coming Soon to A

Space Near You!