Our Vision:


(+Save the World.)

To S.I.P, or To Sip In Purpose, is our initiative to bring intention and action back into the event and entertainment sector. 

    In order to keep the Highest Of vibes going, we actively create spaces to unite at our highest potential thru out the Community, for common goals. The initiatives That Include:

+ Edutainment Events

+Specialty Art Parties

+Wellness Seminars

+Art and Photography Exhibitions

+Musical Showcases

+Community Festivals 

Ask all about our Marketing, Advertising, Or Event Packages.

They are set up to work within your budget and thru your vision.

You simply fill out our Client questionnaire, complete your consultation, and we handle the rest. 

Need Us to Sponsor, Host, or Plan an Event?

Inspired by an event we've hosted in the past? Have a vision so big it needs a team to complete? Would like to celebrate a milestone, and have no idea where to start? The link below will take you to our Vibe page. It will give you an idea of what we can help you manifest.

Looking To Attend Our Next Event?

Check out our upcoming Events page, for Art Shows, Self Care events, pop-ups, and so much more.