The Art Is.

The Package

Our team of Artists are available for events of all kinds, from live canvas and body painting events, as well group and community initiatives

Live Painting:

Canvas Paintings are a way to bring an artistic way to bring a visual representation of your brand.

Each live visit will require the purchase pricing of one canvas, as well as a flat rate of $50.00 an hour.

Small Canvas               $15

Med. Canvas                $30

LG Canvas                     $50

XL Canvas                     $75

Body Painting: 

Body Paint Parties are a new way to bring a different element of visual representation your brand. Think of it, as bringing your brand to life.

All Body Paint parties come with supplies needed for the artist to paint, as well as Body painter, starting at $25.00 an hour.

Tribal or Face Paint-


Group (Up to 3)

Group (up to 7)

Group( 10 or More)






               $400 and Up

Party Painting: 

Sip and Paint Parties are an easy way to connect with your guests, bring out the creativity, and still have a blast. Guests are always at ease, able to let their guard down, and need to be perfect, to relax let loose, and paint.

Prices are set up on a "made-to order" basis, to ensure all need are met. Each party includes all paint supplies, and an instructor, whose payment is already included in overall cost.

Group (Up to 5 ppl)                       

Group (Up to 10 ppl)                       

Group (11 to 15ppl)

Group (16 or More)





               $300 and Up

Prices Starting At*

*Ask About adding An Extra element to your paint parties including:*

+Catering/Beverage Package

+ Glow Paint Parties

+Interactive installations

+ Misc. Art projects

These upgrades, and more are available to add to any party for an additional fee.

For Anything Not Listed, a Quote for a specific party, or if you have any questions, follow this link to our Creative Connect page.