The Vibe.

The Package

The Tribe That Subscribes to the Highest of Vibes, is not just motto. 

It is our mission.

We ensure that everything we do, is with our best foot forward, in truth, light, and Love. The most important, being Love. Creating a space for Creatives to simply be great, is our driving force.


Given the ability to provide you with the tools for your success, an environment that helps you grow, and a tribe that wants to see you win, is a blessing to us. Nothing is more important, than helping our people discover hidden talents, elevate their mindset, diet, and lifestyle.


Nothing is more important, than helping our people heal. 


Sip (+Save The World)

Our Coveted Sip (Sip In Purpose) and Save the World Events are for the sole purpose of helping you realize your soul purpose. We utilize community resources, donations, and our teams creativity and efforts to bring about a safe space, where you can simply Create.


Each of these events are usually split into the 3 categories, Sip and Manifest, Sip and Vibe, and Sip and Soul. They are explained in better detail below.


If you would like us to host a similar event for you, in one of these categories, you can also find the link for the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.


Structured specifically for you to enjoy yourself, and bring about your creative side! Some things take too much planning, leaving you anxious and overwhelmed. We’re here to take the load off for you. Together, we can set  you up with an appropriate budget. These events include, but are not limited to:

  • birthdays 

  • baby showers

  • weddings

  • launch events 

  • happy hour pop up

  • ladies nights in

  • guys nights out 

  • speed dating events

...And More.


Events created to highlight the injustices we as as a people experience on a daily, on productive initiatives in order to have dialogue and heal. This inlcudes:

  • Art Shows

  • Art Therapy Sessions

  • Variety Shows

  • Powar Panels

  • Live Creation Events

  • Community Events

  • Collaborated Events

                                            ...And More.


Classes meant to bring the Creator out of you. Here, we believe Everyone has the powar, to impact the world, some just haven’t been given the proper tools yet. Plot Twists. Everything you need is inside of You. Allow Us to Pull out your Magic.

These events include:

  • Sip And Paint

  • Sip and (Photo) Shoots

  • Sip and Shops

  • Sip and Create

....And More.

If you're not to sure what you want to include in your event, or you dont see it listed above, it may be a specialty party. Check out our options below.

Specialty Parties:


+Gender Reveal

+Graduation Party

+For Students

+For Your Organization

+For Your Community

   And So Much More...!

For a complete list of Specialty events, follow this link:

If you don't see your event type, or need to get more specific, choose the general category your event falls in, and fill out our Creative connection form below.

Creative Connect:

This link will take you to the Creative Contact form, where you will fill out what you need for your event and a team member will be connecting with you in 72 hours.